Q: Why is it spelled Shenanikens instead of Shenanigans?

A: Shenanikens is a play on the word Shenanigans and my last name, Flaniken. Plus, it's just about the most fun word to say, ever! Say it a few times. I dare you.

Q: What can I gain by reading Singing Shenanikens?

A: First hand information about how to be a successful and wonderfully enthusiastic primary chorister, and how to have the best singing times ever! (At least, that's the goal.)

Q: Why is your information any different than the hundreds of other bloggers who are also explaining how to be awesome in your calling?

A: Honestly, it's probably not all that different. But you will get some new activities, ideas, and tips that come just from me and shared resources that will hopefully be able to help you rock out in front of those awesome primary kiddos. I think we're all in this together, and I want to share what I've created to help others have as much fun in their calling as a Primary Chorister as I do!

Q: May I use any of the images you share or is there a copyright, or fee?

A: Every original image I share on Singing Shenanikens is free to print and use as long as you use it for it's intended purpose. This includes Singing Time, Sharing Time, Family Home Evening, or any other fun, instructional, and personal purpose. They are not meant for commercial use, mass production, or resale.

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