Q: Why is it spelled Shenanikens instead of Shenanigans?

A: Shenanikens is a play on the word Shenanigans and my last name, Flaniken. Plus, it's just about the most fun word to say, ever! Say it a few times. I dare you.

Q: What can I gain by reading Busy Mom Shenanikens?

A: First hand information about building a successful small business, blog, social media following, and family.

Q: Why is your information any different than the hundreds of other bloggers who are also explaining how you can achieve success in these areas?

A: Because I'll be building my own success right along with you. While raising babies, I've had to put my business goals on the back burner. While I have seen some small successes, I want to expand my brand, make a larger profit in my business, and expand my following both in blogging and in social media. I will be exploring various factors, tips, and tricks out there and will be going in depth about which practices work and which don't. And because I'm starting at the bottom, you can trust the outcomes you watch right before your eyes as you build your businesses, blogs, and social media presences right along with me.

Q: Do I have to be a mom to read Busy Mom Shenanikens?

A: Absolutely not! You can be single, retired, a dad, a grandmother, a teenager, or any other demographic to get something out of this blog! You will get a handful of anecdotes about being a mother, but you definitely don't have to be one.

Q: How can I be featured on Busy Mom Shenanikens?

A: Just send me a message. You, your business, your products, or your blog can be featured for as low $5.00! You can be featured in a post explaining all about you and the topic of your choice. You can also have a feature image of your choice that directs to your site on the blog for 14 days. A great deal! 

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