About Shenanikens

Busy Mom Shenanikens is a project for all of us who are eager to build our brands, businesses, blogs, and social media presence! With a special focus on the stay-at-home mom who is trying her hardest to raise her kids and make a living.

A Bit of Back Story:

Before I had my first child in January, 2015, I started my small shop, KFPrints, that specializes in home decor prints and greeting cards, with a particular fondness for holidays and children's decor. I wanted to earn a little extra money to supplement our income and make it a little easier to stay home with our little girl, Olivia. I had the small goal of maybe fifty dollars a month to help with groceries. It was not a large goal. I started to see some success, and longed to make my business more successful. $100.00 a month, maybe $200.00? In my wildest dreams I saw figures like $1000.00 a month.

As my little girl got older, I was able to focus on some of the simple aspects of my business, creating more items to list in my shop, basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and my personal Instagram account. But those dreams were far in the future, especially when in January, 2016, we introduced our little boy, Michael, to our family. (Yes, you read the dates correctly. They are a year and two days apart in age. Talk about a handful.) Now, with two children, I had less and less time to focus on my shop or any of my goals, though I still had a decent year in 2016.

Michael is now 1, and Olivia is 2 and they are quite good at entertaining themselves. This gives me much more time to focus on my dreams of success.

Finding Success:

This is where Busy Mom Shenanikens and you come in. I admit, I am not an expert in success. (Yet.) There are many blogs out there that boast the tried and true methods to success and making big bucks on Etsy, with blogging, and on various social media platforms. I'm here to test out these theories, tips, and techniques and see how they unfold right before of our eyes.

With monthly goals and experiments that I will share with you, my own spin on the multiple articles that are available to help us get there, and with a little faith and perseverance, we can all achieve our dreams together.

You may be asking why it would be beneficial to read a blog about success from someone who has yet to achieve it. That's a fair question. My number one answer is this: How many times have you searched the net looking for the way to success and find those big successful blogs that claim they have the answer? Then they turn out to be just one big advertisement, or some vague list of what they did to get there? This will be an in depth, first hand experience for you to follow. I will share my stats, my befores and afters, my successes and failures, and together, we will figure out what works (and what doesn't) so we can all achieve the success we desire!

Are you with me? Then please follow this blog, join our mailing list, and add me on your social media sites! Let's find success together!

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