Thursday, April 20, 2017

How to Pinterest Optimize Your Etsy Shop Images

Creating long images that are Pinterest optimized is a huge factor in gaining more engagement! HUGE! 

Pinterest is a vertically inclined platform. If you have horizontal images, they're going to disappear in the feeds. If you go to your Pinterest feed, you'll notice that most images are long and tall. I call these "Big Boy" images. (Get it? Big Boy? Long and Tall?)  

Why Use Big Boys?

Using Big Boys are the staple of getting more clicks on Pinterest. A wimpy, short guy isn't as likely to catch someone's eye as they're scrolling, even if it's a beautiful image. This is simply because when people scroll, it's easy to pass it by. But a Big Boy is going to stay in that scroll longer, and have a better chance of getting noticed. 

Seriously, go to Pinterest. It doesn't matter if it's on the web or on the app. You'll notice that the majority of the images are Big Boys. That's because most people have realized that Big Boys will get them more engagement. 

Imagine the above image is your Pinterest feed. Which image would be more likely to catch your attention? The long one, correct? A shorty like the image on the left would easily get lost in the feeds. So, do you have multiple products that you could pair together like I did these custom paint splatter names from my shop? Then do so! Link them to your shop as a whole, or to a specific listing or category. 

But shouldn't you always pin each of your listings individually?

YES! Absolutely you should.

I know that Etsy's search images are horizontal. But that doesn't mean you have to use a horizontal image! I figured this out during March 2017 as I was trying to boost my own engagement on Pinterest. Check out this awesome case study I did on how to gain a following on Pinterest!

You can still use a vertical image on Etsy for your display photos, just make sure that your item is featured right in the center of that image so that when your image is cropped for Etsy's searches and your store front, it looks lovely and nothing is cropped in a way that doesn't show off your product. 

Below is one of my original photos that was only optimized for Etsy's searches and one of my new images that is optimized for both Etsy and Pinterest.

See the difference? While the frame and print are the same size in both images, with the help of some props, the longer image definitely grabs more attention. So while in Etsy searches, the images look nearly identical with just the frame and print displayed, I've now got Pinterest feed worthy images as well. 

While these images are not as long as the multiple listing image Big Boy I showed above, but they will definitely help your individual listings show up better in Pinterest. 

As a bonus, this entire image will show up when someone clicks on your Etsy listing, and will help the customer get a better idea of how they can use your product. Like in my new images, you can see the top of a crib peeking out of the bottom of the image, to show that this print is perfect for nurseries.

Pin ALL The Images!

Another tip that is great for both Etsy and Pinterest, is use as many images as you can. You are allowed five images to show your product off in each listing on Etsy. Not only will this help your potential customers see different sides of your print or how to use it, it gives you more images to pin for each product, which means more chances to be found on Pinterest!

While it's the same print, there are now multiple images of how this print could be displayed, which could potentially bring in different customers as well as show up in more searches because there are more pins spread across Pinterest. 

Using the "Pin It" Button:

Now to get those images on Pinterest! You can do them all individually, which can be crazy time consuming. Or you can download the "Pin It" button on your browser. It will make things so much easier. When you're in a specific listing, you can simply click the "Pin It" button and it will bring up every available image for your listing as well as the title and descriptions, making pinning every listing a piece of cake!

Have you optimized your images to be Pinterest worthy "Big Boys?" How has it helped you with your shop?

Do you have any other tips and tricks that I didn't list in this post? I'd love to hear what you've done to boost your traffic from Pinterest!

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