Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Month's End Stats: January 2017

I made a goal at the beginning of the year to expand my efforts in 2017 and have a really prosperous, successful year for my little Etsy shop, KFPrints. Below are my January stats compared with the same time last year. 

It was not quite as profitable a month as the year before. While I had the same amount of sales, they were smaller, lower priced items in my shop. And while views don't necessarily mean sales, I had fewer views and favorites than in January 2016.

What I Focused on In January:
  • I listed or renewed at least one new item every single day, though often I listed several. 
  • I spent a lot of time setting up new social media accounts for KFPrints, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • I created this blog, Busy Mom Shenanikens. I focused on the technical and design aspects and set a launch date.

Because I focused on so many start ups, there wasn't a lot of full on marketing going on. But I mirrored the amount of orders I'd had last year, even if the profit was less. I will call that a win since so much of my energy was focused on new beginnings and new adventures. I still made a profit, and I'm happy with the first month of the year. It will only get better from here.

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