Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Month's End Stats: February 2017

February was a great month for KFPrints, my shop on Etsy! I saw a lot of improvement since the beginning of the year, which is encouraging after I'd focused my efforts on various marketing techniques.

Check out my stats below compared to January 2017, and February 2016.

Such a big jump from last month! I almost doubled my sales and earnings from last month, and tripled my earnings and sales from February 2016! How incredible! 

I can't guarantee that the trend will continue, but if the doubling does, by January, I could be making $2,400 a month! Man. That would be pretty sweet, huh?

What I Focused on In February:
  • I listed or renewed at least one new item every single day, though often I listed several. 
  • I spent a lot of time promoting through my social media business accounts for KFPrints, including InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.
  • I spent an extra focus on building my Instagram account. Check out how I tried to grow my Instagram followers on this post! Also check out how to join an Instagram Loop Giveaway! You can see how my Instagram grew in one month by check out this post!
My social media accounts grew quite a bit in February, but especially my Instagram account. I received several custom order requests from new customers, as well as sold items already listed in my shop. I am very happy with the success I've seen in February! 

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