Thursday, March 9, 2017

Gaining Followers on Instagram: Case Study Results

At the beginning of February 2017, I decided I was going to try a few tips and tricks that I had found online on how to build and grow my Instagram followers for my business Instagram account that I started in mid January 2017. (Shameless plug alert!) You should check out my account and follow me!

My starting stats:

Not the most impressive of numbers, but it was a start!

Here's what I did this month:
  1. I designed images specifically formatted for Instagram. Every image was square and had the same theme so that my profile feed had a cohesive look, like a store front. Even images of myself or my family were edited to match the theme of my Instagram account.
  2. I followed similar accounts with products and images similar to my own. This helped me see the tags they were using, and connect with them, and also their followers.
  3. I liked as many photos that appeared on my feed as I could. Though I couldn't always like every single photo due to the time demands of being a mom and running a shop, I liked as many as I could. (Stationery biking and social media go hand in hand! Man, I burned some calories and liked a LOT of pictures.)
  4. I sincerely commented on at least 5 posts daily, though I aimed for more. I'm not talking about cheesy, insincere comments like "That's pretty." or "Cool." I gave heart felt comments such as "I love the colors in this photo! They really bring out the product you're displaying and make it stand out! That print is absolutely gorgeous!" etc.
  5. I joined two loop giveaways with other accounts.
  6. I posted at least three new images daily with well thought out descriptions.
  7. I made use of tags that match my brand, shop, and images to help others find my account.
All of these things seemed to help me grow my followers! By the 21st, before my first loop giveaway started, I'd grown my following from 52 followers to 206 followers. That's quite an impressive jump just using the basic tips that I'd gotten from almost everyone. Having nice pictures, posting frequently, engaging with other users, and using tags really made a difference!

But the fun part was joining those loop giveaways! (Curious to know what a loop giveaway is, and how it works, go to this post!) I gained a total of 330 new followers in just a few days! It was a really fun and rewarding experience and one I plan on doing again.

Here are my stats after a month of doing these 7 tips!

Drum roll please!

I gained almost 500 followers in one month doing these tips! My engagement went up a lot as well, with an average of 26 likes a post, and 5 comments a post! 

My sales in my shop, KFPrints also doubled in February from what I'd done in January, with an increase of visits to my shop from Instagram!

I plan on using these same tips every month as I continue to grow my Instagram account, and my business!

Did I miss any tips that you have used to find success? I'm always looking for new ways to grow my business, and advice to share with the readers of Busy Mom Shenanikens! Please share your tips with us in the comments below!

Have you tried this case study for yourself? I'd love to know how it worked for you! Post your stats below!

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